Estate Planning & Wealth Preservation

Our goal is to give you peace of mind. Our firm concentrates on Estate Planning for people and their pets. We help families plan for life, deal with death, preserve wealth, and protect inheritances. We have the ability to tailor an estate plan to meet the needs of our client’s personal and family goals.

Plan for you and your pets
Imagine this: One day you suffer a stroke, are involved in a car accident, or become disabled for some other reason and you have no plan in place (Pet Trust). Click Here For More.
Client Testimonials
Out of all the estate planning attorney’s “I wanted you to do my estate planning because I knew you would understand animal issues and you wouldn’t make me feel like I am weird for wanting to take care of my pets.” Click Here For More.
Why you should have a trust .
If you do not have a trust or if it has been more than five years since you set up a trust and you want to save your family thousands of dollars, possibly more, mental pain and suffering, and time then contact an estate planning attorney immediately. Click Here For More